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John Watson had no intentions of taking over the family business, but when he returns from Afghanistan, battered and bruised, and discovers that his sister Harry has run their restaurant into the ground, he doesn’t have much choice. There’s only one thing that can save the Empire from closing for good – the celebrity star of the BBC series Restaurant Reconstructed, Chef Sherlock Holmes.



Siberian Architecture

"I live in Irkutsk, center of East Siberia, 60 km from lake Baikal, deepest in the world. Irkutsk has a lot of wooden houses, once beautiful, now quickly degrading, being destroyed by time. I decided to drive around the city and nearest villages and take photos of most unusual houses, before they become history. I  am not a professional photographer, but I wanted to  do it anyway. I hope you will enjoy the houses as much as  I did!" (from the source)

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L’amore ti uccide lentamente | Milano


L’amore ti uccide lentamente | Milano



if your mental health is ruining your education and you know it clap your hands


if your education is ruining your mental health and you know it clap your hands


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I’m saving some of my experiences for the eventual memoir, But they’re not going to waste till then. I use them in my performances. An experience of fear or terror can be channeled into creating a character who instills fear and terror in others. (x)

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Daleks x Cybermen (2x13 - Doomsday)

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